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Hi and Welcome!

I am Wipatra or ‘Nat’ for Nature and I will be your Holistic Health Mentor

Originally from Thailand, the ‘Land of Smiles’

I am an experienced holistic health mentor, with a comprehensive knowledge and expertise necessary to support you in reaching this invaluable life balance. Believing passionately in the power of holistic health treatments to provide the right path to find balance with mind and body.
​We all go through periods of change at some point in our lives and that we can use these transitions for positive personal growth, catch the opportunity in ourselves to allow our lives to move forward for the better.

With the knowledge and tools acquired along my professional experience in the Eastern and Western world of wellness, I will bring the best of both combined with my faith in the positive Buddhist philosophy. So, I will be your
guide along the path and transition to your better life.

My Story
My journey began in the Spa and Wellness Centre of a five-star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. This is where I experienced the ‘wellness world’ for the first time and where I learned how to provide a range of luxury massage and spa treatments to the hotel’s international and local clientele.
Having gained invaluable knowledge from the most skilled experts in the field, I departed Bangkok, moved to the Netherlands and settled in The Hague. There, I opened a massage studio called ‘Isara’. For ten years, I provided a combination of massage therapy and life coaching sessions to my cosmopolitan clients. This was a truly challenging at times, but also a great learning experience which gave me the possibility to apply the full range of my powerful holistic treatments and witnessed the positive effects and benefits it has on my clients.

Changes followed for the following years. As for lots of us in a world with the Covid-19 pandemic, plus personal life struggles and hardship. I had to go through my own period of transition and realised that the key ingredients to happiness, are to have a healthy and fulfilling journey through life with the empowerment of a positive mindset, to give the right feeling, a sense of acknowledgement by expressing and sharing gratefulness.

Though it may sound simple for most, thinking positively and ‘dealing’ with happiness, with the feeling of gratitude and appreciation can sometimes be outside of the ‘comfort zone’, which makes them nervous, unsure, fearful of the unknown, closing on themselves.

With my experience and the lessons learned. I am ready, enthusiastic about sharing with you the results of my passion for wellness. Provide you with the holistic health, life coaching support necessary. Through your journey, you will be able to
better understand how to overcome the obstacles to achieving life objectives and appreciate happiness

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