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Organat 's Mission

Provide a more organic and ‘feel good’ lifestyle through massage therapy and mindfulness services that relax body and mind. Through tailored services in a warm, supportive environment filled with positive energy to  reduce stress. Cultivate self-awareness and gain clarity about wellness ambitions. Provide the opportunity for a better lifestyle by establishing a route to achieve wellness goals. Organat will guide you from mindfulness to heartfulness on your journey towards inner peace

Negative  Symptoms to Address​

A life unfulfilled, with wellbeing taking a backseat to wealth. Toxicity, things happening, and feelings bringing down your energy levels. An unclear vision of what lies ahead, a feeling of being disconnected or off course.

Set Healthy Habits

Reassess your lifestyle, placing greater emphasis on self-care and balance. 
Seek guidance and support in cultivating a more optimistic and healthy attitude. Purify and refresh your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and
  empower your mindfulness to give a boost to your overall wellbeing. 
Understand the role of joy for oneself by reaching a harmonious balance of mind and body. 
Build the self-assurance, happiness and satisfaction essential for life harmony. 
Just as healthy food is necessary for our body to function, self-awareness and appreciation, inner peace, relaxation and wisdom is necessary for our soul. 
Grateful, respectful, and balanced people are happier people, stronger and able to more effectively handle the pressures and difficulties of life.

Organat offers the option for You


After a holistic body massage session, Organat provides an opportunity to continue with the "Bare feet" session option that will provide the appropriate spiritual atmosphere for to discover the best path to revitalize the mind and restore its connection with the body using the spiritual power of a positive mindset.

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